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I still remember cold winter days when I was sitting beside my grandmother watching her sewing dresses. I still remember very clear sunday afternoons sitting in front of our family oven waiting for a meal my mom was preparing for all of us to get ready. And I can feel and see very clearly all those days influencing me every step of my work, my daily being. Ideas growing and slipping to my fingers and forming fabrics, yarns into a perfect match. That is how I create. And how your piece was / will be made. Growing from past into _ nowdays. And to last forever as well.

From these moods all my hand-knits are inspired. To become not only something pure and natural but also concious in choice of materials and absolutely zero waste in design. Since its existence of my creative work I have produced less than 0.5 kg of all together waste, regardless if items part of collection or custom made.

After 10 years of desgning various collections for different brands (MAALIKAA, MALAwear, simpleKIND, 347club) I have decided to make also something _ in my name. I will not produce several collections yearly as it is usual in this type of business, but more crating everlasting pieces for each period of year, which you can order whenevery feeling ready.

For those who would prefer to make one on its own patterns, yarns and some natural tools solutions will be available _ too.

hope you will enjoy any part of it, m

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